About LundonLens



LUNDON - The Anglo Saxon name for London.

Born in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire. I spent much of my childhood out doors, building dens, getting filthy from the streams and climbing trees. My father would often take me out to the North Yorkshire moors for days out, exploring the fishing villages and the dramatic scenery the county had to offer. 

 From 2014 i move to the capital London, where i met my partner and been together ever since. London is handing out all it has to offer to me, in terms of historical aspects of museums art galleries, architecture and pageantry. Even London fashion week brought out my love of photography which i had no idea that this was to be my life now. 


My love for art grew as a child, where I would always be staying back after school for art classes, giving a 110% focus to art class compared to other subjects, to which in art I received 3 A*

One I reached college it studied the foundation course to see where I would be best suited, and I found my self continuing further with the fashion course after completing the foundation course with the highest of grades.



I bought my first DSLR in 2015 and was just a hobby. In the spring of 2016 I stumbled upon London fashion Week in soho, and began to shoot the people there, and that’s where  my love of street style began. A year later I upgraded my camera and now I’m in my element. Being self taught im still finding news tips and tricks even to this day.