Social media free!


So, the day London fashion week finished, I thought enough is enough. After watching all the socialites be addicted to their phone over the fashion season, selfie after selfie and trying to get a conversation out of some one was so difficult, so I thought its time!

The afternoon of the 18th September 2018 I took to all my social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and twitter and deactivated all my accounts. I can’t tell you what a massive relief it is to be given the reality of being able to hold a conversation with out looking at my phone, without taking a photo and thinking I wonder how many likes this will receive. When I am out and about, taking in the sights its not through my phone screen for stories on Instagram its through my eyes. 

Many people were sceptical about my decision, stating that id be back on it with in a few months, its now been over two whilst writing this and have no intention of going back. People commented saying how am I going to get my name out there and expose my images. Well so far, I stuck with Pinterest as its image based and no based on likes or comments, I’m still receiving many hits to my website by keeping it active and up to date. 

For me its been the best thing I’ve did in many years, a sense of freedom, a reality check from the like based world we all aim to and thrive for. The only likes I need in life is my personal ones. 

About LundonLens


LUNDON - The Anglo Saxon name for London.

A Yorkshire lad, based in central London. 

A love of Art, Fashion & History.

With an exclectic mix of images on offer, ranging from fashion week street style to thousand year old building, that’s what I offer.


My love for art grew as a child, where I would always be staying back after school for art classes, giving a 110% focus to art class compared to other subjects Where I received 3 A*

One I reached college it studied the foundation course to see where I would be best suited, and I found my self continuing further with the fashion course after completing the foundation course with the highest of grades.


I bought my first DSLR in 2015 and was just a hobby. In the spring of 2016 I stumbled upon London fashion Week in soho, and began to shoot the people there, and that’s where  my love of street style began. A year later I upgraded my camera and now I’m in my element. Being self taught im still finding news tips and tricks even to this day.