About LundonLens



LUNDON - The Anglo Saxon name for London.

A Yorkshire lad, based in central London. 

A love of Art, Fashion & History.

With an exclectic mix of images on offer, ranging from fashion week street style to thousand year old building, that’s what I offer.


My love for art grew as a child, where I would always be staying back after school for art classes, giving a 110% focus to art class compared to other subjects Where I received 3 A*

One I reached college it studied the foundation course to see where I would be best suited, and I found my self continuing further with the fashion course after completing the foundation course with the highest of grades.



I bought my first DSLR in 2015 and was just a hobby. In the spring of 2016 I stumbled upon London fashion Week in soho, and began to shoot the people there, and that’s where  my love of street style began. A year later I upgraded my camera and now I’m in my element. Being self taught im still finding news tips and tricks even to this day.